Are you new to coding? This is your one-stop-shop!

If you are wanting to learn a new language or want to learn multiple languages you will want to read our FAQs listed here. You will especially want to read “How to Start Coding“, “Once I learned one language or feel stuck on a language, what should I do next?” or “What language should I learn first?“. There are others though that are also good. I recommend reading a lot of those though.

If your post was removed from our Discord Server or subreddit for being unformatted, you will want to read our Subreddit rules as Rule 2 goes over how to properly format your code. You can also check this post on Reddit which explains how to format your code specifically for Reddit.

I will be updating this with more and more resources for the newbies here. Welcome! I hope we are able to help you learn how to code!

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