If you would like get free hosting from Erin, this is how you can do that! You just want to fill out the form below and Erin will get back to you.

Before you fill out the form though, this is what you get with the hosting Erin provides.

Free Hosting

$2/mo Hosting

  • Domain OR Subdomain of your choice. You must register the domain, unless you are willing to pay Erin for her to register it for you.
  • DirectAdmin Access. If you don’t know what that is, check this article.
  • 1 FTP Account.
  • 2 Email Accounts.
  • 2 MySQL Databases + 1 MySQL Database User.
  • 2GB of Space.
  • 5GB of Bandwidth.

This can be used for a discord bot. You can access SSH via a username and password which I will provide to you. If you are using this for Discord Bots, please let me know in the additional information section.

$5/mo Hosting

  • Domain OR Subdomain of your choice.
  • cPanel Access.
  • 4 FTP Accounts
  • 4 Email Accounts.
  • 5 MySQL Databases + Users.
  • 25GB of Space.
  • 25GB of Bandwidth.

$10/mo Hosting

  • Domain OR Subdomain of your choice.
  • cPanel Access.
  • 10 FTP Accounts.
  • 10 Email Accounts.
  • 10 MySQL Databases + Users.
  • 50GB of Space.
  • 100GB of Bandwidth.

Anything above and beyond..

If you are looking for a higher plan, Erin offers them. You will want to add that to the “additional comments” section. Erin will just want to know in detail exactly what you are looking for. No detail is too small.

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