Introducing… Template Tuesday!


If you’ve completed any of the previous tutorials in this section then you will have some experience in this but if not then I suggest you go read them. This is the link to the first tutorial. You will also need the same basic requirements as that.

So what is it?

On Tuesday’s I will release an easy-to-understand web-template and I will release a tutorial on which bits to edit so if you are experienced then you can download my template and edit it as you like or if you are just starting you can follow my tutorial. The first one (being released on the 5th of January) will be based on the first tutorials with some added extras.

How do I download them?

On Tuesday’s they will be released on a Github repository and you will be able to download them. This is the link to it and there are some basic instructions there but I will fully explain in my first tutorial as well.


I hope you will enjoy these, however, please note that I may not release one every week and sometimes the tutorials may come out later in the day and not be as informational if I feel it’s going over stuff we’ve done before. Anyway, I hope everybody enjoys them!

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