How to Start Coding

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Download an IDE (a powerful text editor) to write your code it. Visual Code Studio is a great free solution. Alternatively, the JetBrains IDEs offer a load of extra features if you want to pay for licensing or apply for a free license as a student.


Pick a language that you want to learn. Two very popular languages currently are JavaScript and Python. JavaScript can be used on the web to build interactive websites as well as on devices to do almost anything else with Node.js. Python is a versatile and equally easy to learn language that can run on almost any computer and run a program. We have popular documents for common languages on this page. Find some good learning resources to get started. Documentation for the language you’re working with is often a great source of information on what you can do and the syntax used to do it. JavaScript has docs on the Mozilla Development Network with separate docs for Node.jsPython has docs available on their website. Alongside docs, a good site that walks you through how to write programs is a great idea. We recommend Codeacademy, as well as the JavaScript and Python tutorials from DigitalOcean.


Start writing some code in your chosen language! Start off by working through some tutorials to get a hang of the language with guidance, then look at making your first project unassisted. The best way to learn is by doing, but remember to look for help (via documentation or a Google search) and ask for it if you need it. Done! Keep writing code, the more you write, the more familiar it will feel to you.

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