What are some Tips & Tricks for Learning Tricky Programming Languages?

1.) Code as much as possible in the language. Make a calculator, make tic tac toe, make minesweeper, make a webpage, make a picture.

2.) Study other people’s code, and constantly tweak it, rerunning it each time to see what changes. Start trying to predict what each change will do, and don’t move on until all predictions are correct.

3.) Don’t worry about learning everything at once. Learn a piece at a time. Many times it’s far easier to learn a complicated idea by breaking it into parts first.

4.) Starting out, code as simply and as readable as possible, with lots of comments so it is still understandable after 5 months. The goal is learning, not overwhelming. Later on, comments will become less and less necessary, but when starting out, be liberal. Put them everywhere.

5.) Take as much time as needed, and learn to relax and have fun while learning. The more fun it is to learn, the faster learning will happen.

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