Discord Server Rules

Rule 1

No spam, advertising or NSFW content. Be nice. Use common sense.

If you are found to post spam or advertise, you will be warned or banned as stated here.

Rule 2

Don’t ask if you can ask a question, just ask it! If someone knows the answer, they’ll do their best to help.

If you are found to be asking if you can ask a question or if anyone is available several times after being reminded each time, you will be warned or banned.

Rule 3

If you need help with a problem in your code, always provide the raw code in GitHub gist or a similar place. If you aren’t sure what places, you can check this article.

Rule 4

Do not message the mods directly for any reason. If you are wanting to message the mods, please use the Modmail bot in the server. If you are messaging the mods directly, your messages will be ignored. If you are continually messaging the mods, you will be warned or banned.

Rule 5

Do not ask our members personal questions like gender, age, sexual preference, etc. This is not a dating server, nor is it a place where those questions matter. They mean nothing when it comes to whether or not someone can code. If someone decides to share anything, they can do so using their own free will. Explicitly asking these questions will get you warned, muted, or banned depending on the circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS.