Subreddit Rules

These are all of the rules for our subreddit. These must be followed at all times. These may be similar to our Discord Server but they are laid out separately here so the rules are crystal clear for each place you can use our services.

Rule 1 – Flair your posts

When posting on this subreddit you are required to flair your posts! Do not put tags in your post titles. If you aren’t sure how to do that, you can check out this post on Reddit.

Rule 2 – Format code properly

We are removing posts for having unformatted code, poorly formatted code, or code that is too long for Reddit. We are deeming any code that is more than 10 lines as being too long for Reddit. If you are posting code that is longer than 10 lines, you must upload your code to a site such as,, Github, or any other online IDE to create a live example of the problem that you can link to. Poorly formatted code is deemed as code having too much or too little white space or messed up formatting as displayed below.
Here is some inline code with **formatting**
Note that this is why you should use the normal apostrophe when typing out possessive nouns or contractions. Otherwise, you may end up with something like, if you use backticks instead of apostrophes:
I couldnt believe that he didnt know that!
Sometimes you need to preserve indentation, too. In those cases, you can create a block code element by starting every line of your code with four spaces (followed by other spaces that will be preserved). You can get results like the following:
public void main(Strings argv[]){
    System.out.println("Hello world!");
If you are using the new Reddit theme and don’t know how to format your code, watch this GIF provided by Bits_Everywhere:
How to use Reddit’s Markdown feature on the new theme.
Posts with unformatted code will now be deleted. Even if it is only a single line and has responses to it. We are seeing too many posts with code being unformatted, poorly formatted, or having code that is too long for Reddit.

Rule 3 – Don’t ask us to do it for you.

Do not ask us to do all the coding for you, we here to help you learn how to do things for yourself. We don’t accept posts asking others to do it for you, with or without payment. This includes questions like…
I am curious about how X or Y is coded. It seems like A or B is happening. I was hoping someone would have the ability to code C or D onto my website and make a few bucks.
Hi, Looking for coders that have any free time, and can help my _WHATEVER GROUP HERE_ do some coding for an upcoming public consultation?
We have a section on our Discord Server where you may request such items but this is not allowed on our subreddit.

Rule 4 – Don’t post spam or ads.

Spam/Ads/Advertisements are seen as the following (but not limited to the following):
  • Sharing a YouTube Channel doesn’t matter if it is yours or not.
  • Posting the same question more than twice within the span of 24 hours.
If you are caught spamming you will be warned twice and banned from the subreddit on the third time you are caught spamming. Advertisements will result in an immediate ban.

Rule 5 – Don’t be abusive to other programmers/coders or the moderation team.

Don’t post anything that is abusive whether it is a post or comment. Do not direct message users with abuse or spam.

Rule 6 – Don’t repost

If something has already been posted within the last 14 days do not repost. Anything outside of that time is fine to repost.

Rule 7 – No unethical questions

Please do not ask unethical questions, such as asking for homework to be written by someone else, or asking someone to copy another project directly. An unethical question would be something like:
I have homework that I need completed. It is on HTML. I am willing to pay to get it completed.
I have a program I need coded. It is in C++. I am willing to pay to get it completed.
These are unethical in nature because we would be doing it for you. Now, if you start coding a program or start homework, we can help you out and guide you to correcting/finishing the item but we will not do it for you. Posts like the examples above will be removed and users will be warned. A post like this is accepted…
[C++] I started creating this program in C++. I am having issues with X. I am willing to pay $X USD to have someone help me get this completed.
Of course in the body, you would need to include your code as well as any screenshots you believe are needed plus more details about what you have done to fix your problem. As long as the body follows no. 10 below you will be fine.

Rule 8 – Post a “Good” Question

Please follow the guidelines when posting a new topic. Any posts not following this, as close as possible, will be removed. You can read more about posting a “good” question here.

Rule 9 – Follow Reddit’s rules & content policy

Make sure to follow the Reddit Rules listed over at Not following these rules could cause you to be banned from the subreddit permanently.