What is an FTP Account? What is it used for?

Great questions!

To start, I’m going to explain what FTP stands for. It stands forĀ File Transfer Protocol. This is one way you can upload and download files to your website. Presumably, if you have an FTP account you have a host like me, KnownHost.com, or one of the millions of hosts out there.

An FTP Account generally consists of your subdomain name, for example you.codinghelp.site as well as a password. That subdomain would have the FTP account you@codinghelp.site.

You would use the FTP Account with FTP Clients like FileZilla (which works for Windows & MacOS), Cyberduck (which only works on MacOS), CoreFTP (which only works on Windows), FireFTP (which works on Windows & MacOS), and CuteFTP (which works on both Windows & MacOS). Those are some of the most popular FTP Clients. An FTP Client is a method to upload, download, and manage files on a server.

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