How do I use an FTP Editor?

Great question! I’ll just get into it. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is what you use to create and edit files and folders on your hosting, whether that be your VPS, reseller hosting or what have you. For this tutorial I will be focusing on using this for a VPS but everything I explain here works for other types of hosting as well. The FTP Editor is what you use to edit the files. It is the actual application you use. There are several out there. FileZilla is the one I use (and it is available on Mac and Windows) but I have used CoreFTP in the past as well but it only works on Windows. You can also use Cyberduck on Mac and Windows as well. Open up the FTP editor you chose, once you do, it will ask you for your hostname, port, username and password. I will go over what goes in each of these fields. First, you want to put the IP of your server in the hostname field. If you are not using a VPS, your hosting provider will provide you with the FTP server to put in this field, it is usually or something similar. Enter that in the hostname field. Your port will be either 21 or 22. For VPS’ it will be 21 and then other hosting providers should tell you the port it is. If you are unsure try 21 first and then 22. Then your username is going to be root and your password is your root password to your VPS. If you are not using a VPS, your hosting provider will provide you with the username and password you can use for FTP. Once you log in, you can now navigate to the directory where you want to create/edit files. If you are working on discord bots, you will go to your /root/ directory and if you are working on your websites, that is inside the /public_html/ directory. Note: Discord bots will only work in the /root/ directory which is why you need either a VPS or dedicated server to run Discord Bots. You cannot run them on shared hosting, I’ve tried. It is a waste of time trying. Now when you right-click you can create files or directories. The directory is another name for folders. There you go! You have set up and started using your FTP Editor. If you have any questions, you can ask either below or in our Subreddit or our Discord Server. Happy coding!

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