How Do I Connect My Website to a Web Server?

This is a great question! First, you need to find a good host. We recommend Hostinger or Digital Ocean depending on the type of hosting you need. Digital Ocean is good for buying an entire server while Hostinger is good for buying any type of hosting from Shared to Reseller to VPS or Dedicated Servers. Most of which Digital Ocean does not provide. Digital Ocean provides VPS’ for users.

If you aren’t sure the differences between Shared, VPS, Reseller, etc. Hosting this is a great article to read. To put it short and sweet, I’ll go from biggest, best, hosting you can have to smallest, easiest, hosting you can have. You can think of a Dedicated Server as a desktop computer. You are the only one that uses the computer and you have access to all of the storage, RAM, CPU power and everything that is on that computer. This gives you the fastest speed when connecting to your websites as well as the most storage and is best when you are reselling hosting or have large website(s). Next step down is a Virtual Private Server (VPS), that breaks up a dedicated server into smaller parts. This is considered shared hosting as you share the dedicated server with other users that also have access to that server. There are pros and cons to this which you can find out by reading that article. VPS are the largest portion of the dedicated server that you can get. The next step down is Reseller hosting. This breaks down either VPS or a dedicated server into even smaller parts. Sometimes you will find Master Reseller, Super Master Reseller, and then Reseller hosting. These are different sizes of the Reseller hosting. Reseller Hosting is generally used for reselling your hosting services to other users. The last step is shared hosting. This is the smallest, easiest, hosting you can get while also giving you the hosting you need to put one to two websites up.

Once you have your hosting, you need a domain. The domain is where you  store your files and where you find those files on the website. Once you have the domain from a place like NameCheap or Hostinger, you need to change it’s nameservers to point to your new hosting. Once you do that, your website is connected is to a web server and you are good to go!

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