Moderator Application

Before I get you to the application, I am going to to go over our requirements for both a Subreddit Moderator and a Discord Moderator.

Subreddit Moderator

  • Have a Discord Username. We require this as we have a staff chat located on Discord that you must have notifications on for.
  • Know how to use Reddit. The fellow mods are not here to teach you how to use Reddit. We are looking for experienced Reddit users.
  • Be able to be active during the times you stated on your application. This means going through posts as well as contributing to posts you know a lot about.

Discord Moderator

  • Know how to use Discord. The fellow mods are not here to teach you how to use Discord. We are looking for experienced Discord users.
  • Be active on the server. If you aren’t sure if you are active, then you aren’t. You’ll know if you are active on the server. We are looking for mods that are online frequently each day. You must be online a lot more frequently than you would be if you were a Subreddit Moderator.
  • Be knowledgeable of a few programming languages. You don’t need to know everything about all of the languages, just know a lot about a few languages, if that makes sense.

Benefits of being a Moderator

  • Input on what happens with the website, server, and subreddit. It doesn’t matter what type of moderator you are, you will have input on what happens with any of the places you can access Coding Help. I do ask users, as well, though your opinions and views will be taken with a higher status, if that makes sense.
  • Special roles on our Discord Server & Subreddit.