Rules Update + Other Updates!

We have updated our rules and are cracking down harder on posts that break these rules.Rule 2 – most important rule to follow.

Formatting your code is the most important thing we are looking for when we look through all of the posts that come up on our subreddit. If we find a post that has even 1 line of code that is not formatted, we will remove that post. No exceptions.

The next important rule is…Rule 4 – Don’t post spam or ads.

If you want to share something on the Discord Server OR Subreddit, you must contact the mod team first to get approval. Otherwise, your post will be removed. We are not here for your advertising needs. We are here to help others learn how to code.

It has come to my attention that our sidebar says “share your code” and how that can be misinterpreted. I agree that can which is why our mod team will figure out a way to rewrite that so it isn’t misinterpreted. What we mean by “share your code”, we mean, sharing code that you are working on when you are asking for help. For now, that section in the sidebar has been removed.

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