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  1. Shole

    CSS Is CSS important in wordpress theme creation?

    I see it all the time, but how much of the theme is affected by CSS and how much by html, or is wordpress built on both?
  2. Shole

    What's the most difficult thing you created in C++?

    What's the most difficult thing you created in C++? What did it do?
  3. Shole

    What's the most profitable thing you can make online right now?

    What kind of site would earn you the most money if you had a big budget and manpower :D? Blog, forum, social media site, shop or others?
  4. Shole

    Hard Computer Science anyone?

    Does anyone do this or has studied this? Like any folks here who did Computer Language Theory in school?
  5. Shole

    Hi Shole here

    Hi all, I am Shole and I try to learn coding for game creation and app creation :D nice to meet you all.
  6. Shole

    Is Html still the base?

    Is HTML the starter coding language still or is something more important out there that you have to learn first?
  7. Shole

    What would be better for a manga site?

    Should I create a forum or blog? My site is called MustReadManga and I want to make a top list, but not sure if I should create a blog or just a forum or both?
  8. Shole

    Can I make apps in Python for the phone?

    I am curious about this for a longer time, can python be used to code things for the phone?
  9. Shole

    Is minecraft still based on Java?

    Or did it change? I Know they used to show the Java logo at the start of minecraft.
  10. Shole

    Where to start?

    How do people start to learn coding? What was your experience and how did you start C++?
  11. Shole

    What is Rust used mostly for?

    I am curious as I know only of the game Rust xD but programming language Rust, it's the first time I hear about it :D
  12. Shole

    What's the best game making software?

    So far I read up that GameMaker and Unity are the best for people who want to join the game development and creation world. But I am not sure, so I rather ask some experts like y'all. What is the best game engine to start with?
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