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I got this idea from CodeForum, thanks Malcom for providing this idea. I'm putting my own spin on it through.

Any information within this post is subject to change at any time. Without further ado, let's get into the Code of Conduct.

If you would like to help out our members, all you need to do is post around. No rules/requirements/etc. You can also share us with your friends and family so we can help them learn how to code.

What guidelines should I follow when I ask a question?

These guidelines are good no matter where you are finding and interacting with[ ].
  • When posting be sure to add these pieces of information:
    • As much information as you can think of. There is never a thing as "too much" information.
    • If your question is about code, include that (formatted correctly) in your post.
  • Make sure you are creating your posts in the correct sections. There are descriptions under each section and if you don't see them, you can hover over the names and that provides the information as well.
  • Screenshots work but are not always helpful. If you take a screenshot/picture of your code, that is not as helpful as copying and pasting your code directly.

What should I not do when I reply or create a post?

If you do any of these things you risk getting banned from[ ] on the platform you are interacting with our members on.
These are not in any particular order.
  • Posting illegal content - this includes but is not limited to:
    • null and/or hacking scripts
    • stolen content
    • links that redirect to hacking webpages or any web pages that include viruses, trojans, etc.
  • Doxxing yourself or someone else. - this means that you share personal information like Name, Age, Address, etc. If you do this for yourself unintentionally that is one thing, if you are doing it purposefully we will warn you first before we take further measures.
  • Asking for our members to code for you. This does not help you learn in any way, it hinders your learning. So, try some of it yourself, tell us what you tried, and then we can help from there.
  • Posting pornography is strictly prohibited. This will get you permanently banned.

Advertising / Spam Codes

You may link other developing communities only in the appropriate sections and NEVER on Reddit. Posting other communities on Reddit will get you banned there.
You can post other communities in our Coder Projects section on this forum.

You may share your project link in your questions only if it is appropriate to said question. Meaning, you have a question about Page B and the best way for you to show it is by linking to Page B.

Inappropriate Behavior/Language Codes

Be respectful towards our members. I hate that I even have to say this but it is imperative so everyone can learn in their own way without feeling judged.

Do not 'bump' threads or posts within 24 hours of them being created. Please give our members time to look over your post to be able to assist you.

Recommended Safety Precautions for you (optional):

This part I took directly from Code Forum as I would not say this any other way.
  • We advise that you don't share any personal information that could expose your privacy but it is truly up to you on what you share. By this, we mean anything that is publicly displayed via posts or profiles.
    • Name
    • Age
    • Phone Number
    • Email addresses such as [email protected]
    • Address
    • Your IP
    • We advise that you avoid using your real name in your username, post and anywhere else on Code Forum.
      • CodeSkrill Ok username.
      • JohnCode Ok but still try to avoid using any of your names.
      • John Doe Not advisable.

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