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Well atm there's not much going on but when it will.

We will get so much that elders won't be able to handle. And newbies will just ask and ask.

I was thinking like home work
Someone asks a question we direct him to documentation and give him homework to alone solve a question.
We explain him the documentation and the error.

Every newbie can ask 5 questions/week except if they answer a question in field he did homework this 5q/week doesn't apply if there isn't a question to solve. In his field of expertise.

Here needs to be lots of tags for different fields of expertise.

This would teach newbies to be better in programming them selfs. And learn how to think as a programmer.

I wouldn't go for ban if they just ask and ask. But just mute for a week
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This would be limiting for a beginning forum like ours so I have decided against it. In the future, I may add this. Just not something I want to do currently.
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